How to use multiple planners

As soon as I posted the photo of my planners on IG (@paperjoyph - see buttons below), questions on how I use all my three planners come flooding in. Planners are marketed to aid in productivity and have everything accessible in one place. So, having three planners seem daunting and counter-productive. 

Admittedly, I have tried (and failed) multiple planner systems in the past. It took a long while, but I finally figured out how it works for me.

Here are my tips for using multiple planner systems:

If I wanted to have all my information in one place, plus have it decorated that way I like to, my planner would be too heavy to carry around. Being that I’m not so young, and back pains have found their way into my life, I decided to have a dedicated on-the-go planner. This year, I’m using a pocket ring-bound gold saffiano planner by Filofax (local: National Book Store or Scribe). It is by far the most compact and sturdy of all planners I’ve tried so far. It is the first and last planner I look at everyday since it has my daily pages and trackers.


Nothing is stopping me from chucking everything in one planner. But I find some things in my planner quite distracting, especially when I’m studying. Concentration is the key here. This year, I’m using my mini Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas (local: Lasting Impressions). This is actually a Frankenstein version of the mini. I took the big rings from the classic and combined all my unused pages. I’ve recently changed how I set up my weekly pages. Make sure to check out my IG to see th most updated versions.


A lot of the time, some of my plans end up being cancelled. Sometimes, this is use to laziness haha. There are times when I want to commemorate an event and my daily pages just aren’t good enough. For example, rewind planning the week you went on vacation in a scrapbook type of layout is much more satisfying than listing it down the dailies. There are even days when you just want to write down your feelings and your functional planner just won’t express it the way you want to. This is where my third planner comes in. I’m using my hobonichi weeks for this. Mind that the weeks is quite functional. But I’ve chosen to use my pretty fountain pen inks on its pretty paper. It just feels too special to be a functional planner.


Be aware that I am a certified planner addict. I wouldn’t be making planner stickers if I wasn’t obsessed with planners. This is a hobby that, like most hobbies, helps me in my day-to-day life through keeping my life organised, at least on paper. I could choose to keep it simple, get one planner with a running to-do list and my appointments and trackers. Multiple-planners are unnecessary but keeping one planner is overwhelming for me. Perhaps, this is due to my multiple lives. Of course, when I plan, I have all my planners open on my table. But that’s for a separate blog post.


Are you also on a multiple planner system? Comment your experience with planners down below!

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