We wish to share with you a message we received last night from the CEO of Xend Business Solutions (our courier service here in the Philippines)


Here is the full text of the message:

We at Xend, are genuinely and deeply sorry for the delay in delivery of your international parcels.
This is an unprecedented occurrence in Xend’s history. As our loyal Xenders for many years, you can attest to this.
We have decided to be transparent and truthful with you so you may understand how we ended up in this unfortunate situation.
We are disheartened to have to inform you that we have very recently uncovered massive fraud in the millions.  Regrettably, this was committed by numerous members of the Xend team, which included most trusted employees who were directly handling your international parcels.  
The reprehensible and intolerable actions involved connivance with each other across different departments, stealing the shipping fees, altering documents and filtering information between our international providers and our HQ which resulted in shipments being held in Singapore for weeks.
After learning about the breach, we acted as quickly as possible to put in the necessary controls. We request for your patience as we tirelessly work directly with our international partners to sort out the delayed parcels. We will update you on developments as soon as we get feedback.
We realize how this has affected you and your business and we are profoundly and sincerely sorry. We can assure you that this will not happen again.
We truly hope that this incident does not permanently tarnish our integrity and reputation with you. Please allow us to make amends and trust us once more with handling your parcels.
We appreciate your business and we thank you for your continued loyalty, confidence and support.


As you may have read in the message, the Xend management has very recently uncovered massive fraud into the millions within their International Department. 

This was committed by some Xend employees, some of whom were directly handling PaperjoyPH shipments. As such, this has severely affected the shipping time for those who had their orders sent out through Registered Mail.

Pau and I are feeling quite angered and betrayed by this as we were initially told by our contact at Xend that the delays were due to the increased volume of the holiday season plus the rotating strikes at Canada Post. We both have thought long and hard about this. Xend has been a reliable partner since we first started our little shop but at the end of the day, PAPERJOYPH shall always prioritize the shopping experience of our customers.

As such, we shall be implementing the following steps:

1.) We shall discontinue our partnership with Xend and will switch over all international shipping to the Philippine Postal Corporation. We should note that there will be slight increases from the previous shipping rates (an average of $1-3 US Dollars)

2.) We shall get in touch with each and every international customer who ordered stickers from late September to mid November. We shall discuss the situation with them and see how we can best move forward.

It should be noted that ALL orders from last week (including Black Friday orders) were not sent out through Xend. These were already sent out through PhilPost and our customers can expect to receive them at the given time period of 4-5 weeks.

Lastly, we truly wish to convey our deepest apologies to all those who are still waiting for their orders. As per the last update from Xend, these orders are still at the Singapore sorting hub and they are working now to have these shipped out at the soonest possible time. We thank you for the all the love and support we have continued to receive from our customers.

Please know, that we will always be committed to giving you the best possible products and shopping experiences that we can offer.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

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