Show you, Me

For many years, my new year comes with a book filled with empty pages waiting for new stories. This year, Javier got me a navy Hobonichi Mega Weeks. It was not my first pick, but this book was destined for me. You see, we were far apart and he had to purchase a Hobonichi book as a guide for the 2020 calendars and monthly view kits. That was before we transitioned to exclusively printables. 


I know many of you are saddened by this. But your understanding means so much to us. 

What was I going to say? I'm sorry this is rambly. I used to keep a blog before for my fiction. Privately though, I wrote a bit of poetry. It's unfortunate that I failed to keep those pages. It could have shown how I had grown. Writing, before planning, was my life. Although I'm far away from being a prolific writer, I considered myself a semi-decent writer. As you know, I'm an archaeologist now (my other dreams - I am full of these!). The writing skills I developed truly helped me in my academic career. Look. I'm already starting to sound like a wikipedia entry. I miss my raw-ness.  

Maybe, I'm delusional_selfish_lazy_crazy. 
Can you be all at once?

Honestly, I'm still on the fence about sharing my poetry. It's no good, that's for sure. Sometimes, the string of words tell me that they want to be read. Then, they change their mind. Words are fickle. They can't make up their minds.

If you'd like to read my poetry, I post on them on my INSTAGRAM stories (@paperjoyph). Let me know if they resonate. Sometimes, even I don't understand my own words. The worse is when they feel contrived and empty. 

Anyway, I designed a new printable that's all just bottom bars. Full sticker pages are still a little off for me. But bottom bars are always really helpful. It also shows the new art style that I've been obsessed with. You can view it here. I called it Show You, Me. It's a statement, like my earlier sticker releases. It's showing a newer me. It's not gonna be a commercial success but I'm proud of it. Because, I've not felt a connection with my designs as much as this one. I'm gonna ask Javier to bring it over here when he comes so I can show you how to use them. 

Well... hello, reader. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.


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