Hello, Planner Friends!

Heya! Welcome to our new shop website. 

You're probably wondering why we made the jump from Facebook Page Shop to a full-blown ecommerce site. Allow to explain this... in bullet points. 

  • The google apps we used for our shop didn't work as well as before. 
  • The Facebook shop section wasn't well organized.
  • Although ETSY had a pretty good page, it didn't really have a BANK DEPOSIT option.

There are a lot more minor reasons that prompted this big move. Basically, we can sum it up with... We really want to give you the best service we can muster. That is what you deserve! 

Although we started out and really love making planner stickers and accessories, we have big plans for the future of Paper Joy. We cannot wait to share them with you! 

Thank you for all the support, love and friendship. <3 

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